Power UV Nail Gel

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Are you Ready for a Game Changer? Our Highly desirable Power Nail Gel is a MUST for the Fashionista in you. Get them done good and get them done quick.

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Full Pink Gel Set Includes - 4 Pink Colors + Base Coat + Top Coat

Full Get Set Includes - 4 Pink Colors + White + Clear + Base Coat + Top Coat 

  • With proper application, you can have 2-3 WEEKS of intact wear.
  • Color performance of these nail gels have earned a lot of compliments from our nail enthusiasts.
  • No SMELL, NON-TOXIC, environmentally friendly product.
  • 100% Cruelty Free!
  • REMINDER: Cure under nail LED/UV lamp.
  • CURE TIME: Average for LED lamp 30-60 secs, UV lamp 2-4 min.

How to Use:

1. Prep nails as for a manicure and apply base coat. 
2. Squeeze, slice and roll. Squeeze the right amount of power gel out of the tube. 
3. Slice the required amount with the power gel applicator (not included) onto natural nails or nail pop. 
4. Dip the power gel brush in a small solution of rubbing alcohol and shape the power gel into place. 
5. Cure for 30 seconds under an LED lamp. 
6. Buff and file as required. Apply the top coat or your favorite nail polish and cure for another 30 seconds. You are good to go!

How to Remove:

1. Soak off the nails into acrylic remover for about 5 minutes

2. Rip down the whole piece of nail enamel gently

How to store:

When exposed to bright lights or heat, gel nail polish can experiences changes in its thickness and color, so it's best to store your polish in a cool dark area. You can store gel polish in your fridge to help it last longer and keep it from clumping, making it easier to apply.

Net Weight: 45g

Note: Buy the original Power Gel only from WarriorGadget. Beware of cheap knock offs!